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TRYO is a family brand that was created to elevate your confidence. We want to help you shine and make you fall in love with your hair again and again! Our goal is to change your perception of Hair Extensions and have fun wearing this amazing hair accessory. For a day, a season or long term use, we want to inspire, empower and boost your self-esteem! We are here to change the game in the world of Hair Extensions, offering a full experience for your hair, using our Brazilian expertise, experience and soul.



TRYO brings the most realistic solution for hair extension, scalp and hair care. We want you to be proud of wearing Hair Extensions and to understand that it is a beauty accessory that can be used in many ways to boost your self-esteem. Having longer, fuller and effortless sexy hair is what TRYO aims to deliver.


“TRYO was born to provide high quality hair, flawless finish and versatility to your everyday life.”
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