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CPr treatment

Intensive and definitely one of the strongest treatments in the market. Cuticle Porosity Reconstructor treatment for severely dry/damaged hair. C.P.R. is an intensive two-step in salon restorative process that repairs the cuticle porosity defi ciencies by replenishing vital nutrients that have been gone. Fortifies, moisturises and protects hair like nothing else.

Recommended to: Severely dry, damaged and frizzy hair.
Application: 3 steps including Porosity Reconstructor + Deep Repairing Mask.
Duration: 35-45 min


Moisturizing Treatment that can be done from roots to ends. This treatment includes a pre-shampoo scalp exfoliating process which cleanses and removes previous residues. Extra shiny and silky touch is what you can expect after this treatment.

Recommended to: Dry/Dull hair with split ends.
Application: Pre-Shampoo Exfoliation followed by a blend of Hair Caviar + Deep Treatment mask.
Duration: 35-45 min


Hair fi bre transformation in 5 minutes. Depending on your hair’s primary and secondary needs, a booster and a concentré are prescribed for you to create a bespoke blend. The best quick, yet efficient treatment in the market. Healthier and shinier hair in just a few minutes is guaranteed.

Recommended to: Dry / Dull Hair.
Application: After shampoo. Can be mixed with a good hair mask if necessary..
Duration: 10-15 min


Intensive purifying scrub cleanser with sea salt for oily prone or dry scalp. A detox formula to intensively cleanse the scalp and leave it as if feeling energised. Removes impurities, pollution build-up and dead skin cells whilst providing shine, healthy looking hair and more volume to your scalp, avoiding the fl at oily look. We recommend it to be done every 3-4 weeks.

Recommended to: Oily prone or dry scalp.
Application: Applied on wet hair, gently massage throughout the scalp.
Duration: 25-35 min


It’s a machine that removes up to 70% of your dry split ends without cutting anything from the length. It can be done every 2 months and it’s a great option if you like your hair long and healthy.

Recommended to: Dry split ends.
Application: After a blow-dried hair without any styling products, divide the hair into small sections and trimmed 3 times each piece to ensure no hair is missed.
Duration: 40-50 min

Hair Nourishment ( IV DRIP / BoosT)

This cocktail contains a powerful combination of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals responsible for stimulating new and old hair follicles to promote hair growth. Our hair is exposed to a lot of external factors that can easily damage it. Unfortunately, trying to nourish it back to health with over the counter products is only partially effective. This is where our IV cocktail comes in, reducing hair loss and stimulating its regrowth.

brazilian hair botox

It’s a great treatment to reduce frizz, root volume and that rough touch we feel after we wash
and dry the hair. It will help reduce your blow-dry time as well as add shine. You will feel a more
sealed, silky touch on your hair after this treatment. We recommend it to be done every 3-4 months.

Recommended to: Dry split ends.

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