Tape In Extensions

This is a semi-permanent method that is designed for medium-term use. It has an invisible seam attached very close to the roots and it is fitted in pairs with part of your hair in the middle. With our range of colours, this technique can create the perfect colour match. It is one of the most comfortable options to wear and itโ€™s very easy and quick to fit and remove in the salon.

OUR Reccomendation

Tape In Hair Extensions are designed to add volume and length to the hair, it is also a solution for clients that want less commitment than the permanent methods and prefer wearing a method that is flat against the scalp for increased comfort.

Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your Tape Hair Extensions is the same way as taking care of your own hair. Usually we advise washing it 1-3 times a week with tepid to cold water. When styling, avoid heating too close to the roots where the tape is placed and always be careful when brushing up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer an appointment with a stylist to help you try out different pieces and shades before deciding if you like the colour match. We can also create a tailored colour by dying the hair piece so it blends in with your hair colour.

Between 4-8 weeks

The best part about tape-Ins is that they can be reused up to 3 times! The key to making them last are the follow-up appointments, every 4-8 weeks. During these move-up appointments, you’ll be removing, and re-taping Tape-In Hair Extensions. It’s a simple process, but if done improperly can cause slippage.

Yes, you can shower with tape in hair extensions but make sure you’re not washing your hair too frequently and always use tepid instead of hot water to avoid over heating the roots where the tape is settled.

Use your hair dryer on the lowest heat setting to avoid excessive heat, work your way from the ends to the roots in a way that suits you. Once you hair is fully dry, run your finger through your hair again, separating the bonds to ensure the hair dryer has not caused the bonds to tangle.

You can absolutely wear your hair up if you have tape in hair extensions. There are so many beautiful styles you can try. Just be careful not to pull at the hair too tightly. Yes, you can wear your hair up with tape in extensions.

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