I’m completely obsessed with ‘hair Botox’ – here’s why

I’ve never been one for injectables. In fact, the thought of a needle being
poked into my face is honestly terrifying.

But when I heard about Tryo hair salon offering ‘hair Botox’ for luscious locks, I thought: ‘f**k it’.
But before you give me a pat on the back for overcoming my fears, it’s important to know that so-called ‘hair Botox’ works a little differently to traditional Botox treatments.
In fact, it’s totally non-invasive and it’s more of a specialised deep conditioning treatment for your locks.


Hair Botox at TRYO salon

We all know what botox for the skin is, but how about hair botox? I was intrigued, too, so when I was invited to try it out at new salon, TRYO, I obviously accepted.

Located in the heart of sophisticated Marleybone, TRYO focuses on recovering hair health and offering organic, sustainable hair extensions. Its’ directed by celebrity hairstylist Bernardo Vasconcelos, who is famous in the barnet biz for his clever snipping, colouring and styling.
Bernardo’s impressive portfolio meant I had big expectations for TYRO and – spoiler – it didn’t disappoint.



Our beauty editor's botox hair treatment review: "no needles, no frizz"

Noticed lots of botox hair treatment reviews cropping up? It’s fair to say this is the salon technique of the moment, but is it worth the buzz? I can answer that.

I have a naturally curly hairstyle, which sounds lovely, but the reality is that the bottom layer is very nice ringlets then it becomes wavier and frizzier as you reach the top. It’s also far curlier on one side than the other, which doesn’t make for a good look. I’ll set my alarm to persuade it into a sleek style only to find it’s let me down with a barrage of frizz. It’s almost manageable during cold, dry weather (essentially two weeks in November) but with any kind of humidity, it becomes untameable. If my hair was a friend, I’d have stopped replying to its WhatsApp messages years ago.

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